ET Bachelor Degree Programs in Ohio

The University of Toledo is the only institution in northwest Ohio where students can earn a bachelor of science degree in engineering technolgy. The ET Department at UT is the largest of its kind in Ohio, enrolling more students and awarding more BS degrees in engineering technology than any other Ohio institution. Follow the links at right to review the National Statistics for ET programs published by ASEE, the American Society for Engineering Education.

There are sixteen institutions in Ohio that offer engineering programs. Seven of these institutions also offer bachelor degree programs in engineering technology. Five institutions house both engineering and engineering technology programs in the same college. The University of Toledo has a unique role among all of these institutions in that it includes the only College of Engineering in northwest Ohio (shaded region in the map at right) that offers a comprehensive set of undergraduate and graduate programs in both engineering and engineeering technology. Although Ohio Northern, a fine institution, is also located in this region, it does not offer graduate programs in engineering or undergraduate programs in engineering thechnology.

The University of Toledo*

Toledo, OH

The University of Akron**
(Summit College)

Akron, OH

University of Cincinnati**
(OMI College of Applied Science)

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland State University*

Cleveland, OH

University of Dayton*

Dayton, OH

DeVry University, Columbus

Columbus, OH

Miami University*

Oxford, OH

Youngstown State University*

Youngstown, OH

* has engineering programs in same college
** has engineering programs in a different college

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